How we Plan to separate from the masses in delivering a fresh product like Wild Salmon to restaurants in Canada.

I am an active Commercial Fisher and own Queen Charlotte Seafoods Ltd Est. 2003. I have the ability to sell directly to Chefs and retail stores without the added expenses of distributors, brokers, wholesalers basically, cutting out the middleman and saving you money.

My company goal is to keep the ordering and delivery as easy and seamless as possible. We contact our customers via email, phone calls or texting whichever they prefer 24 – 48 hrs before the plane leaves the fishing grounds on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). Once we get the order the fish are put through a final rinse then packed in a styrofoam box then into a cardboard box kept cool for same day flight.  We usually have two flights on regular days each week so restaurants can plan their menu ahead of time.

I fish close to the Masset airport and make every effort to sell our freshest Salmon I make shorter fishing trips of 2-5 days. We put these Salmon onto the planes ready for shipping across Canada. Compare that to how the present day system works where 75% of Salmon caught around Haida Gwaii is frozen at sea for sales during the winter months we do not compete with those markets. The other 25% is fresh caught 90% of these fish are ferried off the island then trucked to Vancouver  this process takes 2 days compared to our 3 hr plane ride. Most of these fish have also been on a boat up to 5 – 7 days so these fish can now be 9 days old before a Vancouver restaurant gets their fish. Our plane leaves Haida Gwaii and arrives in Vancouver in 3 hrs and then arrives in Toronto that same day. What this means is now restaurants including fish markets can have at least twice as long a shelf life for that Salmon no need to worry about wasting fish due to softness in meat and its the freshest..

This service costs more but, not as much as you would think considering your getting some of the best quality Salmon one can get on the market today. We have done this for 3 years and now Queen Charlotte Seafoods is a supplier for some of the best restaurants in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Seattle other cities.
Our invoicing system uses Freshbooks Software which allows ease of sending and receiving invoices via email or regular mail and offers easy ways to pay with Paypal, Visa, stripe, Authorize.Net, Cheque or E-Transfers. You can Login to your account anytime to see where your account is on payables or credits.

We have built a great relationship with Pacific Coastal Airlines and are now in talks with guaranteeing more regular flights each week so our customers can be certain their Salmon will be delivered on that specific day. More to come in Spring of 2017.

I am still keeping this business personal with an emphasis on building solid relationships with our customers. I have noticed most of our customers are very knowledgeable about sustainable fisheries and I will continue to promote this type of fishing. The more I talk and listen to my customers the more I learn about how this market is expanding. Seafood Chefs and consumers across Canada are willing to support wide varieties of Seafood and  Pacific Troll-Caught Salmon and love it!

My ultimate goal is to harvest less Salmon from the oceans yet bring more species of Salmon and Seafood to the tables in Canada.

Best, Jon Hunter

Owner and Operator of Queen Charlotte Seafoods Ltd.