I have actively been catching and selling Salmon in British Columbia for over 10 years, I have an understanding on how we can improve our Food System so people can get a better product and the producer can get a fair market price.

Logistics are one of the big hurdles for getting Fresh Fish to the Metro Vancouver area. Haida Gwaii and the West Coast of Vancouver Island are a long way from Vancouver. It takes two days for overland freight from Haida Gwaii and one day from West Coast Vancouver Island to reach Vancouver. Now if you consider almost all Troll Caught fresh fish has been on a boat for 2-5 days minimum before coming into port to deliver. If you add these days up it might be 4-7 days before it reaches Vancouver then add another day or two before you see it in your local store or restaurant. Every day a fish is out of water its quality diminishes substantially.

Queen Charlotte Seafoods wants to expedite this process by helping the fisher get their product to the market faster by flying their catch to the customer same day they offload. If that fisher takes extra time in looking after these fish he will be rewarded with a better price from the buyers. Present day systems do not reward the fisher for high quality fresh fish thus, we need to catch more quantity to get more money. Queen Charlotte Seafoods wants to promote quality over quantity.

Queen Charlotte Seafoods wants to give the producer more control over his catch, so he can sell his fish directly to customer and the customer will know where their fish came from.

One way to ensure a good price is the onus will be on the fisher to bring in the highest quality product. Queen Charlotte Seafoods wants to encourage relationships with seller and buyer

Queen Charlotte Seafoods hopes this new Food System will gain traction among the restaurant and retail sector so people can taste the same freshness we as fishers get to experience every day on the waters catching these fish.

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