My name is Jon Hunter owner/operator of Queen Charlotte Seafoods Ltd.  

 I commercial troll for salmon around the Haida Gwaii Islands. In 2004 I decided to start marketing my own salmon to restaurants from Vancouver to Montreal on a weekly basis. 

 What is happening now restaurants are seeing for the first time what its like to buy premium wild salmon direct from the fisher instead of buying from large wholesalers where the seafood is untraceable in most cases.

 I recently bought a new commercial freezer troller (pictured above) which will allow me to freeze my fish immediately after being caught. This will ensure top quality salmon for our customers. This will also allow me to stay on fishing grounds for longer stretches thus not wasting fuel traveling constantly back and forth to port.

In this coming 2024 salmon season we will continue to supply our customers with wild troll caught salmon and I will be offering albacore tuna this fall.

Next time you buy your Salmon ask your fishmonger what country was this fish caught in? How was it caught by hook and line or by net? I can honestly say I personally caught all my Salmon on my boat follow me on X

If interested in placing orders for this 2024 season contact me asap. We catch Springs, Coho and Pink Salmon

Regards, Jon Hunter

Queen Charlotte Seafoods Ltd.

#907-8080 Cambie Rd.

Richmond, British Columbia

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Phone: 604-866-7297


Twitter: @hgwaiiseafoods