Commercial Fishermen have been fishing on the West Coast of British Columbia for over 100 years and expect to continue for future generations. There has been many hurdles in the last 20 years with how this resource has been managed, fished and perceived in the public eye. I am a second generation fisher and have seen the glory years and skinny years.

Fishers I have met have two main concerns 1) a deep commitment to the sustainability of the Pacific Salmon fishery not only as a source of individual income, but to the place of salmon as an integral part of the coastal way of life, 2) lack of input and control over marketing of fish products to the public. There are better ways to market fish.

Queen Charlotte Seafoods wants to change this system and reward fishers for bringing in a high quality fish. What this also does is fishers will catch less fish from our oceans for a higher price the opposite to what the large companies are promoting nowadays.

The other beneficiary to this new food system is the customer  will be buying the freshest and highest quality product on the market.

We need to promote the health of our Oceans and at the same time improve the viability of our Commercial Fishermen.


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